About Brad Z.

Brad Zimmerman

Writer, Director, Actor

Born and bred in Oradell NJ, Brad Zimmerman attended Riverdell High School and went to sleep-away camp at Camp Akiba in Reeders PA. He was bar mitzvahed at Temple Emmanuel in Westwood, NJ.

Brad started his waiting career in the late ‘70s eventually working at a string of now defunct restaurants.  His longest stint — 15 years — was at the popular Union Square comfort food Mecca Chat and Chew.

Beginning in 2002 Brad started to make some headway in the comedy world, opening for comedy legends Joan Rivers and George Carlin. (Rivers once called him “the best comic… in his price range.”) But despite these successes, he never was able to unmoor himself financially from waiting tables.  That is until he finally resolved to end the waiting game once and for all in 2012.  THAT was the turning point.

Since then he has been working continuously in the business he loves, as a comedian and an actor (his favorite television role was playing Johnny Sacks’ lawyer in the HBO classic series The Sopranos).  Besides performing in his own shows, Brad has enjoyed working on the same bill with Brad Garrett, Susie Essman, Bobby Collins, Freddie Roman, Dick Capri, Stewie Stone, Pat Cooper, Tom Cotter, Cory Kahaney, Professor Irwin Corey, Norm Crosby, Ross Bennett, Jeff Caldwell, Marion Grodin, Karen Bergreen, Ted Alexandro, and Andy Pitz.